Our names are Mike and Alissa Crockett, and we are the 3rd generation owners of Parowan Market and run the day-to-day operations of the store. We have been married for 20-plus years and have 6 wonderful kids.

In 2012, we began conversations with Alissa’s dad, David Hamilton, about the possibility of buying the store. The timing was right for him and for us and we were able to put the deal together. We have loved being 3rd generation owners of this family store and seeing my kids as 4th gen family members working in the store. Last year was the 40-year anniversary of the start of our store – we are excited to keep working and serving our community for many years to come!

We are fully involved in operations at our store – like many small stores with AFS. We work as butchers, the IT department, oversee accounting, HR management, janitor, facilities management, snow removal, and the list goes on. Our family loves the opportunity to roll up our sleeves and help wherever needed. Every day is a new adventure.

We love people and love to help them and see them grow, develop, and progress. Owning the store has helped us realize the opportunity to work with people personally and be a part of their lives.